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Forthcoming Talks

Commissioned Publications (forthcoming)

Invited plenary speaker at the International Graduate Conference, Centre of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Latin

American Studies, School of Language, Literature and Culture

Studies, JNU (upcoming in October 2021)


Contested Histories: Indian Cinemas in the Global South”, in The Routledge Companion to Global South Literatures, ed. Alfred J Lopez, Routledge, 2022.


“The Event and the Absence: The Political Avant-Garde in the Indian New Wave” in Radical Aesthetics and the Avant-Garde in India Vol. II, ed. Brinda Bose, Routledge, 2022.


“The Possessed, the Spectre of History and the Semblance of the Past”, in Horror Culturalism, eds. Dibyakusum Ray & Riksundar Banerjee, University of Wales Press, 2022.

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